Teak Countertops: Most Popular Options


Teak countertops fit perfectly well into a sleek design kitchen as a kitchen with a rural atmosphere. Wood used to be most popular option for a worktop in kitchen because it brings warmth and coziness with it. Due to large variety of woods are lovely, contrasting combinations between for example worktop and kitchen cabinets.

A worksheet in kitchen must meet high requirements such as maintenance, hygienic, heat resistant and resistant to daily wear, stains, acids and scratching. Because this is usually chosen for a hard wood such as oak, beech, mahogany or teak. What kind of wood is best depends on your personal taste. Do you want to choose a worksheet with a light color for oak or ash. Want a darker wood with a red tint than Iroko-, cherry or teak countertops a possibility.

Biggest advantage of wood is that it is a natural product with a unique warm look. This advantage is also marks biggest disadvantage because wood “works” under influence of moisture and heat. In addition, a teak countertops surface through open structure more sensitive to moisture and stains than other sheets (composite, stainless steel). In general, it is not scratching wood, heat and moisture resistant. This can still be avoided on basis of a protective top layer. On top of a wooden countertop requires a lot of maintenance. It should be rubbed with oil at least twice a year.

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