Teak Garden Bench Wooden


Teak garden bench – Few furniture are so simple to make and as versatile as the rustic wooden benches. In this chapter we will make a bank that will be very appropriate for a country – style house, but also perfectly tailored to any environment. Started work drawing the different parts of the bank: who will stand up and support shaft and the crossbars (side, front and rear) that will shape the structure. To cut the pieces will use the jig saw with a blade for wood; pine tables will subject to the worktable with jaws.

Teak garden bench, after making the cuts is essential to rework the parts with a fine grit sandpaper and belt sander. This way we will achieve a finer finish. Next, prepare the two sides: unite the foot-axis of the support for the shorter side bar. Using the drill, a drill diameter of 10 mm and drill stop holes make connections with tubillon. Apply adhesive mounting holes and joints, and enter the tubillones with the help of a sledgehammer.

Teak garden bench, you have to unite the two sides; we will with long beams and use adhesive and tubillones. In the next step you put the three tables that will seat and join the structure with adhesive and tubillones. You connect the two pieces back in the same way as the seat.

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