Teak Headboard Ideas


Teak headboard – If you want to build your own head and needs a wood yet economical durable to use, you can be considered eucalyptus. Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia and are the main food of koala bears. The eucalyptus tree produces oil that is often used in cough medicines. Wood tree makes construction material suitable for many types of furniture for a number of reasons.

Teak headboard, durability is a major concern in the construction of wooden furniture. Eucalyptus wood is as hard as oak and often used in the construction of outdoor furniture. It resists better than other types of wood, such as teak, which is also commonly used for projects outdoor furniture. Although the weather is not really a concern for a header, it provides an indication of the durability of wood for permanent furniture.

Strengthen the wood used to build your teak headboard, eucalyptus should be treated with a sealant to harden high quality even more. Although its head will not be sitting outside a sealant helps ensure that the wood does not wear due to moisture buildup inside the house. If you do not treat wood will fade and turn a dark gray, similar to teak.

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