Teak Shower Shelf for Your Bathrooms Design


Teak Shower Shelf – If you are familiar with teak, you may realize the luxury style which is often used in the manufacture of custom-made furniture that will be displayed in each of the setup of the room and outdoors. Now, this identity is becoming increasingly popular in the use of bathroom accessories. Because teak is very solid hardwood grained, it is ideal for wet conditions. Teak is strong, durable and also resistant not only to insects, but also to rot and decay.

Perhaps the most popular accessories are teak shower shelf. The bench can be placed in the bathroom if there is space. If the room was a little tight, you can choose the version that is slightly smaller as teak shower bench. Teak shower shelf is not only an attractive addition to any bathroom, but it can also be used in a variety of ways.

You can use teak shower shelf inside or outside of the bathroom as a sort of storage shelves. You can put your shampoo and shower gel case on it, or outside of the bathroom door was a handy place to keep your towels dry and in the nearby. You can put some candles on it, a small vase, or any decorative elements to complement your bathroom style.

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