Teak Soap Dish Like A Chocolate Bar


Teak Soap Dish – The natural look is fashionable, differs from the rustic home life to be more refined. A clear example is the natural look of wood soap dish that looks like a chocolate bar Soap Dish Punk Ampersand, very sober and original in its design but with that rustic feel. Clearly this new natural style is clearly inspired in the decoration of the 50s and 60s, where was found contemporary designs made with comfortable materials such as wood and skin.

With a clear masculine accent, where noble materials take center stage, functional and beautiful designs with dark color palettes. However the color palette of the current natural look is much clearer than the 60s, as we saw in Da rustic, natural and homely touch to your home after returning from vacation. Teak soap dish designed to not slip the piece, the soap dry on all sides and extra water does not accumulate and contact with soap.

Besides being functional with Punk you can decorate your bathroom or your kitchen, you can also use it to put the mop. If you want to add a natural touch to your home, you can start with a small accessory like this teak soap dish. The you can buy in different online stores all are listed on the website of Ampersand like Urban Outfitters or Fab among many others.

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