To Extend Round Teak Picnic Table


Teak Picnic Table – To extend round teak picnic table is not difficult. First steps is, power consumption in standby next to the round teak table with the right foot rear set of legs on the table behind. The rear is the back of the table top covering frame and legs. A round teak table stores the two sets of legs folded and top in a vertical position on the left side. This style is identical to a folding TV tray.

Second steps to extend round teak picnic table, grasp tabletop with the left hand at the bottom and lift it up to an angle of 60 degrees. The table top will rotate on a fulcrum, as it rises from the hinges on each side. Third, place the right hand on the front of the table pane, under the tabletop and push out while slightly raising.

This movement will separate each set of legs and prepare frame on the top of each set of legs. The frame has two parallel boards on top of each set of legs, where the table top rests extended. And the last is, slightly lower the tabletop to sit flat on the frame horizontally. Your extended round teak picnic table finished.

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