Tongue and Groove Beadboard


Tongue and groove beadboard plastic is cheap and mimics the look of more expensive wood beadboard panels. It takes only a few tools to successfully pass the beadboard around the shower. Make sure the shower walls are prepped correctly. The wall must be covered panels moisture resistant gypsum, and coated with two layers of latex primer.

Every corner needs a separate sheet, because the leaves are not very flexible and do not want the water to seep behind the tongue and groove beadboard. Measure the beadboard panels to see how many you will need for each wall. Use a circular to cut any card that does not fit on the wall saw. Apply waterproof glue to the wall. Press each beadboard in place, then pull panel away from the wall.

Slide the next panel tongue and groove beadboard of the table on the wall.

Press the panel on the wall. Continue to align the panels together in this way until you have placed the last beadboard panel in the shower.Cut the beadboard adjustment to fit over the top of the beadboard panels around the top of the shower.Seal the joints between the wall and the seat and between the seat and the beadboard panels.

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