Tongue and Groove Boards Roof


Tongue and groove boards – To achieve a good result you should cover with underlay felt when you’re done with the first side of the roof. Then continue with the nailing of the tongue and groove on it. There is such tongue timber that has a side planned and a page. Then painted with matte white ceiling paint, assembled boards on the ceiling and put it on. Tongue and groove with end groove used when you want to have solid designs on your roof or on your wall.

If it is very high ceilings, you can end a distinguished panel with a landscape. Canopies, roofed entrance oath tongued and grooved boards with a visible bottom. The base-plate mount on the bottom rule by foot ceiling. The roof can lay directly on the underlay of the tongue and groove boards or plywood.

I started how many hours of time and thought. When sawed out the boards from the stocks exploited to the full width of the log. After edging and grooving got the boards.  An underlay made of tongue and groove, plywood or moisture resistant chipboard is. Surface coverage of plywood carried out preferably with tongue and groove boards. The boards are painting last lap in place since.

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