Using Bathrooms with Beadboard


Beadboard is a good choice for a bathroom, because it is a simple way to add charm and detail than is usually a bland and often small room. Bathrooms with beadboard add a look of the cabin when hung and can be painted to match any color scheme.

Install bathrooms with beadboard in the bottom of the bathroom walls to get a charming cottage appearance. Consider applying beadboard ceiling to draw the eye upward. If your bathroom is small details like this can give the illusion of space. Try using beadboard that runs horizontally instead of vertically as a way to minimize the “bowling” look in a long, narrow bathroom.

Cut the bathrooms with beadboard sheets into squares of equal size and apply them to the wall in a chessboard for added interest and an unusual look. Give your cabinets a face wash covering them with beadboard. It’s cheaper than buying new cabinets and gives your old cabinets a fresh new look. Start your beadboard with a wide mantelpiece. The platform may contain objects of decoration or basket with towels rolled up for easy access.

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