Wainscoting and Beadboard Tile


Beadboard tile – is usually installed in mudrooms and bathrooms in older homes. Paneling often rises to the waist and can be panels or sheet metal parts or individual boards fitted tongue and groove style. When you want to add tiles on the paneling, you need to check the status and stability of the boards. Repair any loose boards or panels by adding new finishing nails in problem areas. Locate all nail heads below the surface of the wood, using a set of nails. Remove the additional finish strips at the corners and edges, including sockets and finished vertical slats. Leave the top board in place, whether to use the card as a chair rail.

Apply beadboard tile adhesive to paneling, filling the furrows with the trowel. Press a sheet of membrane moisture barrier in thin-set. Smooth sheet using a rubber float and seal corners with special membranes corners to cover all surfaces of wood,

Cola Allow to dry overnight. Wall tile as normal, using slim base applied to the surface of the membrane with the trowel. Start at the bottom center and working towards the corners. Keep straight and level tiles, using a tile level. Insert the spacers between the tiles. Beadboard tile no more than three rows of tiles at a time.

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