Wainscoting Designs


Decide if you want the paneling Wainscoting Designs -to stand out from the wall and trim. If you paint the paneling of a dark color, you want to keep fit, baseboard and crown molding a consistent, lighter color. Find out both the mood you want to portray and any illusion you want to bring out from the paint colors. Using the same color paint the paneling and the wall in different colors will make the room seem larger.

If you want to make wainscoting designs a statement and add weight to the room, paint the paneling of a dark color and the walls a lighter color. Choose paint colors that strengthen each item. To account for all aspects of their room, including the size, function, mood and style. Try to keep the design in line with the style of the rest of the house.

Try color options using paint design software. Many wainscoting designs paint companies offer software to test paint colors online in an ambient environment. Experiment with dark colors, light colors or a mixture of both. Small samples of paint will not be able to give the complete picture for design. Most software design allows you to take a photo of your existing space and then upload it to try different colors.


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