Wainscoting Height for Dining Room


Wainscoting height – Although wainscoting is typically made from wood panels. It can also make from texture wallpaper combine with trim along the top. Wainscoting made of panels can be stain or paint to match the overall style of the rest of the room. Meanwhile, texture wallpapers come pre-color or you might be able to paint it; this allows you to match the wallpaper to the rest of the room. Wallpaper is usually cheaper, but can not provide the same overall feel of true wainscoting.

Historically wainscoting supposed to protect the walls from bumps and dents from family or guests moving chairs around the dining room. Therefore, to determine how high wainscoting should be in a room, you should measure the height of the backs of your chairs and use this as a guideline. Ideally, the top of the seat to be at the same height as the top of wainscoting height.

Some homeowners may feel more at ease with the help of a widely recommended wainscoting height rather than to measure their own chairs. Normally, wainscoting take up about a third of walls total height. So, for 9-meter high ceilings, wainscoting should be 3 meters high from the floor up. Many wainscoting panels are widely available in heights of 36 inches or 42 inches.

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