Wainscoting Kits for Living Room


Wainscoting kits – installing wood paneling is an effective and aesthetic way to cover blemishes and minor damage to the walls. Among the defects that cannot be covered is mold, moisture or severe deformation. Homeowners can place wood panels on existing gypsum board or on the racks. There are two alternatives: the actual individual boards such sheets or panels that look like these. Latest come with a finish, while the planks may also require sanding and finishing.

Remove all wall moldings.

Cladding slats nailed horizontally separated by the 24 inches (60.96 cm) wall. Start at the sky reasonable and floor, even if that means some strips remain unless separation distance. Wainscoting kits and slats are thin pieces of wood planks supporting individual tension and prevent the support plate or plaster.

For excellent wainscoting kits,

Inspect well what you’ve done in order to see if there are spaces between the wall and the slats. Covering wooden wedges with glue and insert them in the holes. If necessary, you beat them with the mallet to secure them. Put the first plank in the corner and nails placed end to this as crossing the strip of carpet, both the right and left sides. If you’re using boards having a notch or guide, nails passes through this, to unite the end of each strip plank siding. Place a punch on the nail and hit with a hammer to flatten his head.

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