What Is Wainscoting Box


What Is Wainscoting, Wainscoting is decorative molding, trim or panels installed on the walls. The addition of wood panels for your home is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add style, sophistication and interest to a room without a complete redesign. Originally, wood paneling and chair rails were used to protect the walls of the furniture crashing into them, but now are mostly used for decorative purposes. Boxed paneling coatings or picture frame relates to decorative molding which is arranged in a square or rectangular shape, essentially creating a picture frame or an image.

Measure the width of each wall. Write down the measurements. What Is Wainscoting, Wainscoting for Draw your design to get an idea of the number of boxes you wants. The boxes can be simple squares or rectangles. Calculate the size of each frame. Start with the measuring wall in inches and subtracting the width of each side of each box. Cut the molding to the desired length with a small saw.

Sand the edges of the molding. Paint the trim and walls. Mark the wall with a pencil so they know where to install the molding. Use a nail gun to keep it in place, driving nails into studs. Install the outgoing chair or top rail and the bottom insert to complete the look. Check your work with a level. Make any necessary adjustments. What Is Wainscoting, Wainscoting box very useful.

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